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The sale of car posters were at an all time high during the 80s when several car manufacturing companies started rolling out car models of different designs and makes. This trend carried on even in the 90s decade but soon the demand for these posters witnessed a sharp decline. The new millennium did not see much enthusiasm but over the last few years, a notable resurgence has put the large car posters in the limelight once again. People are slowly renewing their love for high quality car pictures and the new printing technologies are doing their bit in the revival of this love story.

The value of cars posters is dependent on the popularity of cars in the market and collectors are ready to dish out any amount of money to get a hand on the latest and the best posters of cars. Earlier posters were mostly black and white and were printed on small sized canvases. The quality of the print too was not very good and this often failed to portray the cars photo in a perfect manner. However, with the passage of time posters of cars too started to grow in size and even people could get them in different sizes, shapes and colours. The digital printing technology heavily boosted the quality of the prints and people were able to acquire high quality car print of their choice.

Cars posters are great marketing tools of car manufactures around the world that use the cars photo to create the posters. The demand of cars photo is directly dependent on the car’s popularity, so there is no way that car manufactures or poster printing companies can settle for anything less than the best car posters. The quality of the poster is also dependent on the photo of cars and these digital artworks are distributed online on various platforms to garner the right kind of buzz for a car.

We offer car loves the unique opportunity of availing affordable printing option of their favourite posters of cars. We offer numerous attractive posters for sale, which include digital posters, large format posters, custom posters, short run posters and even black and white posters. You can get posters printed after creating the posters using images, often captured using the high resolution cameras, of your favourite car. We maintain a huge gallery of car photos and that too can be used for printing great looking photo of cars.

The car print has inspired many collectors from different corners of the world to come up with the new poster printing ideas. We are also known for our high quality large or wide format printing that includes a wide range of posters with different sizes and dimensions. The digital printing technology used by us can help you get your posters printed on a variety of materials. You have the option of choosing any of these poster specifications:

Matte paper: Dense matte dazzling white paper proves to be lightfast when zoomed and even the matt coating gives mountainous relief to the printed posters due to refraction of reflected light at different angles. The images printed on matte paper do not glare and have clear tones with high contrast.

Glossy paper: The polymeric coating on the glossy paper gives the most professional touch to your car photos and cars posters. The shining surface helps in rendering the bright colours with several gradations and colours.

Semi-glossy paper: This is a paper that is positioned somewhere between the glossy paper and the matte paper. It provides great colour rendering and do not lead to garish specks, while making even the finest details clear on the paper. These go really well for printing car posters.

Canvas Paper: Car print on canvas paper will give the most satisfactory results to any car poster collector in the world. This paper helps to render the best colour and contrast on paper and gives a great window for showing creativity.