idPoster, founded in the year 2009, specializes in selling celebrity posters, for home and household use as well as small businesses. 

idPoster.com tries to provide the best selection of posters, photos of celebrities, movie posters, jigsaw puzzles, magnets, calendars, mousepads, t-shirts with prints, mugs, hoodies with prints, pillows, face masks, beach tote bags, cases for iPhone, cases for Samsung. 

Our range of products includes hundreds of thousands of high-quality images of famous people in the world of film, fashion, show business, sports and politics. 

We also print individual orders from your photos.
A team of immensely experienced professionals is ready to quickly process any of your orders and ensure 100% satisfaction.
We use high-quality equipment (plotters, printers, sublimation printers) from Hewlett Packard (HP) and Epson to print all our products.

Poster Printing and Production at ID Posters - A Detailed Walkthrough.

Our customers might have often wondered about the production processes involved in printing their favourite posters. Well, we never intended to keep this a secret because of late, we have received many queries pertaining to our production process. Thus, we have decided to give all our customers and online visitors a walkthrough of our poster printing and production process. Here we go folks:

The http://idposter.com/ poster printing service is provided by an efficient digital media and printing team. Our website offers thousands of images of celebrities, movies, games etc. from which our visitors can take their pick. Our customers get the unique opportunity to not only choose the pics that they want to get printed as posters but they even get to choose the size and quality of the canvas of the posters.

Every order gets into the production or printing pipeline immediately after a customer completes the payment.

Here is a list of the types of posters we printing options we provide:

Premium Glossy Photo Paper has a high gloss finish that is perfect for printing your favourite photos and enlargements for use with glass frames and photo albums. Bring photos to life and share them with loved ones with this low cost, glossy photo paper.

Premium Semigloss Photo Paper is an instant-drying paper on a resin-coated base allows the paper to maintain vivid, lifelike colours that rival traditional prints. Its non-cockling base make it ideal for photographs, promotional pieces, layouts, portfolio images, proofs, displays and posters. It creates high-quality prints by offering maximum ink coverage with brilliant colour inks that dry in an instant.

Matte Photo Paper – this is ideal for those who desire for a subtle and sophisticated matte finish, delivers long-lasting photographs with a matte finish. With its heavyweight, bright white, ultra-smooth finish, this paper is perfect for non-glare photographs, craft projects and signage. Also, available in borderless sizes.

Recycled Matte Paper – for all those eco-friendly customers who are looking to get their posters printed on canvases made from consumer waste. This too has a sophisticated finish.

Canvas Paper– these canvasses are heavier with a distinctive velvety smooth finish with a semi-matte finish. This is mostly preferred by people who want high-end posters stylized art paintings.

Once the canvas and other printing elements are finalized, we try to ensure a fast turnaround. As we offer a wide range of format options along with a variety of canvas qualities, we are able to produce the highest quality of posters.

Everything at http://idposter.com/ is digital i.e. from choosing the images to getting them printed. Our company uses the best digital printers in the market to produce high resolution and colour-perfect posters. We have specialization in large size poster printing wherein we use the entire colour spectrum during printing. You are not even going to miss a dot from the original image you ordered.

We are aware of the fact that a poster is not just a material to adorn the walls; it is in fact a show of love and respect. Thus, we take extra care.

It is absolutely imperative to understand one important trait of our production process – it is the quality of the materials that are used during each stage. Right from the digital images to the packing materials, we take immense care to ensure that only the best is used. At idposter.com, every order is of high-priority and time is of prime importance. Thus, all the orders are put into the production pipeline at the earliest and printed materials are delivered without any delay.

We have one of the most efficient teams of digital media and printing engineers who are extremely dedicated. This is one big reason why we never miss delivery deadlines – our team processes each order with immediate urgency. Idposter is among the leading online digital poster printing websites in the world. The love and support that we receive from our customers is purely because of the fact that we offer them a delightful experience. We try to offer them images or pics that are rarely found on other websites.

We at Idposter offer killer deals to our customers because we know that they deserve the best when it comes to their posters and at the same time are not taxing on their pockets. We are on an expansion overdrive when it comes to acquisition of talented individuals for our team – millions of customers across the world are placing orders with us every month. In order to run the production process smoothly, we are constantly increasing our team strength to handle increasing number of order.

The top level management at Idposters.com are working really hard to keep up to the growing demand. They are aware of the customer’s expectation and putting in their extra bit to ensure smooth production and delivery.

It is of immense pleasure for us to add a new dimension to online poster printing service. All team members at Idposter.com know their job responsibility and do not hesitate to walk the extra mile to offer a seamless experience to our customers. Keep up your support and we shall put in all the efforts to turn your online poster ordering into a delightful experience.