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Whitney Houston posters, 273 items

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Whitney Elizabeth Houston or Whitney Houston was an American singer, producer, actress as well as a model, who unfortunately passed away on 1th February, 2012 at the age of 48. She was one of the most popular faces in Hollywood both in the fraternity of film as well as music. During her lifetime, she was one of the prettiest and one of the most gorgeous women, Hollywood had ever got, and that has been very much palpable in the Whitney Houston posters. In all the posters that she appeared in till her death, her sizzling beauty was very much apparent. She has a pair of bright, intelligent eyes, a bubbly brownish hair, a wonderful smile and a body full of a positive vibe and energy that made her turn everything she touched into gold! She seldom exposed – although she had a stunning figure, which was extremely attractive, yet not over voluptuous so as to rise any element of eroticism. You will find her posters in all sorts of ways. Some are black and white, some are colors, and some are even hand painted. She was such a popular character, that she was even the artist’s subject of painting. All the Whitney Houston posters are basically epitome of innovations with unique style of photography being incorporated to make her posters really unique and unparallel. In some posters, she is seen smiling whole heartedly – her smile denoting a million dollar full throttled expression of a very joyous and playful soul that she had, in some, she is seen looking at you poignantly – as if to say that her days are numbered, while in some she is seen performing to her heart’s content. In all the posters, she is seen depicting a beautiful image of her, nowhere near any seduction, but very much respectable and lovable with all the intelligence and a pleasing personality that she had. Her dresses and attires are also equally admirable and decent, and very much fitting to her personality and body language. Even though the Whitney Houston posters are so very innovative and creative with the use of various types of backgrounds, props, lights and filters, she in none of her posters have lost the importance and that was her magic – short-lived, yet far reaching!Google+