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Wentworth Earl Miller III or Wentworth Miller is a 43-year-old American model, actor, scriptwriter as well as producer and is one of the most well known faces today in the Hollywood. With a gentle personality, and a face that promises a lot of talent and determination, Miller comes up as one of the hottest favorites to the image of a pin up man of the Film Industry. If you look at the Wentworth Miller posters, the one thing that will cross your mind is that this person has a remarkable ability to transform himself and his appearance in accordance with the need. Take for instance, his posters. You will find a lot of innovative posters in which, he appears in different ways. Some of the posters are colored, while some are black and white. In certain posters, he appears as a simple man – neatly dressed, posing in front of the camera in very conventional way. There is nothing much to say about them. However, it is the other genre of posters that demand a much of talking. The first thing that catches your eyes as you look at these ‘other’ type of posters is the transformation of his expression and body language. In some of ‘these’ posters, he gives a weird look that really seems to be out of the world. In some, he flexes his tattooed muscles, while in some he is seen in crew cut, with a stubborn face, tough pair of eyes and hardened jaws, which remind you of the marines at war. Again, in the poster where he is found cuddling a baby, he appears as a father with all the tenderness that you can expect of a father. Therefore, in the Wentworth Miller posters you find his in a wide variety of avatar, in various forms and looks that will give you an idea of his acting prowess. Even the cameramen have done a wonderful job. In order to give his acting skills a shot in the arm they have done all sorts innovations and creativity to make the posters even more enticing. The user of light and shade, the highly creative backgrounds, the props used are all telltale signs of creativity that has made the Wentworth Miller posters so very different!