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The fashion industry is known for its ability to find beauty and talent. Vida Guerra is a perfect example of that. She is currently one of the most beautiful women working in the music business and model industry. Her first work was related to modeling of swim wear. This is actually what led to Vida Guerra becoming a national star. The appearance in the FHM magazine was so successful that its audience demanded to see more of her. This resulted in appearances in many more men magazines. So why was everybody so impressed by her work?

People are still impressed, because the sales of Vida Guerra mugs among other things, are still flourishing. She definitely has an incredible amount of charisma which is complemented by her flawless physical features. Being constantly present on various fashion shows, she got noticed by people from the music industry.Thus, she got featured in a big number of music videos alongside stars like Kanye West. Her celebrity status quickly resulted in her being cast in various movie roles.

TV appearances as a guest star are not uncommon for Vida Guerra. A strange story happened to her because of hackers. They claimed that they had intimate photos from her mobile phone and that they have shared them. She wanted to prove them wrong and proved that she looks much better in real by participating in photo shoots in a number of men's magazines, the first one being Playboy in 2006. In 2017, Vida made it into the list of the sexiest women of the FHM magazine. After that, almost everybody knew who she was and people were standing in lines to get Vida Guerra t-shirt and other available merchandise. Are you also fascinated by Vida Guerra and her work?

Her social accounts are as popular as ever and she keeps offering a lot of updates for her fans. Singing has also been something she has been interested in, so fans can always expect some new and exciting news from her. Lately, she is not famous only for her work in various media, as her lifestyle also draws a lot of attention. She is a vegetarian and always tells others about the benefits of her diet. By looking at her we can say for certain that whatever she does is working great for her. Vida Guerra is fond of sports and gym training. In order to maintain what she was given by the nature, she trains hard and follows a healthy lifestyle. By ordering Vida Guerra posters, you will be able to decorate your room in a fashionable manner.