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Patricia Anne Stratigeas, popular as Trish Stratus, which is her ring and stage name, is a Canadian professional wrestler, fitness model and guru, actress as well as a TV personality. He is a very popular face in the wrestling circuit as well as in the entertainment industry for her electric presence, which has been coupled by her pretty face as well as an exhilarating figure. She is beautiful as well as seductive, with shiny black hair, black eyes and an electric smile that will keep you glued at her face. However, in most of the Trish Stratus posters, she appears in golden blonde with a stunning figure, which is ripe with voluptuous assets, which make her look super sexy.

Her presence in the posters is extremely seductive, but the most amazing thing is that she does not take you to the bedroom. She is not at all a bedroom woman. She will light the fire within you with the help of her erotic antics and leave you mid-way, so that have your own way to handle things. In almost all the posters, she appears seminude, flaunting her bulging out boobs, mouthwatering hips, this waistline and her super sexy torso. Indeed, she has a highly seductive and voluptuous figure, which is perfect to play with, though she would never bare it all to show still what is left unseen for you. It is this sudden stopping from dropping of everything in the ring, which makes the Trish Stratus posters all the more attractive. They will help you fantasize about her, but at the same time, will stop short of taking you to her bedroom in your imaginations.

Her body language is extremely confident and she knows exactly what she is doing and that makes her so much confident in front of the camera. She does everything to attract you, without virtually mincing any word, and the use of props, the suitable attires, which display her skin to the upmost, the lights and shades, the camera angles and the way she looks at the lens and turns to give the best shots all converge to one little fact - she is out there to test your patience and ability to hold yourself back! That is the best thing about Trish Stratus posters.