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Beatles is a legendary name in the world of music. So it is quite likely that you will see Beatles posters that will only promote their music in all possible ways. However, it is not that Beatles mean music and nothing else. Hence, the Beatles posters, which depict the legends in person, besides glorifying their music, are the ones that are create history. Thus, I am not going to discuss about the posters that are popular ones or those have caught the attention of the fans, by their sheer way of advertisement and promotion techniques. I will talk about the ones that are a bit different. The ones that do not promote their music are the commercial posters or the personality posters, which depicts the members of the group as persons. In the past, the collections used to avoid these posters just like plague, as they were aesthetically branded. However, now they carry a different meaning whatsoever. These Beatles posters do not have any expiratory dates as they do no promote the brand, but the stars and the stars of the stature of the Beatles members do not have any expiratory days, if you may look from that point of view One of the finest examples of this, is the poster of the’ “London Palladium - Royal Command Performance 1963” by Beatles. The poster was licensed by NEMS for the purpose of commercial sale, with the Beatles up against a brightly illuminated blue wall. These types of posters were often christened as “concert posters,” but the fact is that these of posters depicted more about the personality of the members that the group and its greatness in a whole. Then again, the Beatles posters those were and are available with the LPs and those, which were folded up inside the jacket of the record, generally do not have that much of value of their own, if you take away the record. However, just the opposite happens in case of the concert posters, wherein the members of the band seem to have settled into a collecting niche of a different proposition altogether. The concert freaks generally like to have these types of posters as they mean much to the music community as well as the music lovers. Although these posters are some of the most aesthetically pleasing posters and are immensely popular amongst the lover of Beatles, they are normally up to the mark and ‘happening’ in a sufficient way, and meet the demand and excitement of the collectors, irrespective of their age and gender. So it is up to you to decide the type of Beatles Posters you would like to opt for. However, you need to make sure that whichever poster you opt for, it must fulfill your desire and justifies your investment.