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Taylor Momsen posters seen on “idposter.com” are depictive of her appealing personality and professional life. Taylor Momsen’s professional life started at the age of 6 years with the film “The Prophet’s game” in 1999. This was followed by several movies like “We are soldiers”, Spy Kids 2, Hansel & Gretel, Saving Shiloh, Paranoid Park, Underdog and Spy School till 2008; when she decided to turn her attention into music where she got involved as singer and songwriter. Taylor Momsen posters depict some scenes from some of her movies and her TV serial as main cast “Gossip girl”. But majority of the Taylor Momsen posters are around her music profession, depicting scenes from her album recording, music videos, album tours and stage shows. As the music genre pursued by Taylor Momsen is a mix of alternate rock and hard rock, her images seen in these posters are also of the rock song culture style. She is mostly seen with black or brown or purple eye shadows which are sometimes smudged up or just over upper eyelid or sometimes so heavy as “raccoon” eye makeup, rock style dresses, mostly dark lipsticks which give her that hard rock or punk image which she wants to have. Some interesting photo sessions with this talented teen actress turned musician is also seen here.Google+