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Selena Gomez posters represent yet another Disney Channel specific actress on “”, as she is also a fine product of Disney’s expertise in marketing, production and management involving the entertainment business (Wizards of Waverly place-106 episodes, Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream, and guest appearances in many other Disney serials). Selena’s first performance was in the TV serial Barney & Friend and she continued there from 2002 to2004. Then she was given a small but notable role in Spy Kids 3, and from there it was non-stop work for her till now. Her works spanning these 12 years are sufficiently covered in this collection of Selena Gomez posters. Apart from acting Selena also started her singing career almost simultaneously by forming a band with some other instrumental musicians (Selena Gomez & the scene) and released the first album “Kiss & Tell” which was followed “A year without rain”, “When the sun goes down” etc. She has sung many solo songs and released many music videos (Stars Dance, Another Cinderella Story, “Come & Get it”, “Slow Down” etc.). Many scenes from her music videos and photos from her album tours and stage shows are well represented in these Selena Gomez posters. In many of her posters you can evaluate the beautiful oomph nymph image she has. She is also famous for her philanthropy and social cause engagements especially for her work with UNICEF.