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Whenever we speak of Raquel Welch, the first image that crosses our imagination is that of Cora Peterson, the blonde assistant of Dr. Peter Duval, played by Arthur Kennedy in the 1966 blockbuster sci-fi 'Fantastic Voyage'. That was the beginning of her odyssey, which still continues. At 77, she is still at the helm of glamour and glory with a unique persona that has turned her into an icon over the decades.

Over the years she has played a variety of roles in movies that have been yardsticks in the realm of American and world cinema. Her acting credentials in a variety of roles films like 100 Rifles, The Three Musketeers, Animal, The Prince and the Pauper has earned her accolades from all over the world. She has been acting in television as well in series, soaps and live talks shows like Saturday Night Live, The Muppet Show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. At 77, she is still an epitome and glamour and beauty and it's no wonder that she still has a huge fan following. Naturally, there's a huge market for her posters and IDposters.com from time to time comes out with a variety of posters, which depict her in her iconic roles in various movies as well as in real life in gorgeous outfit.

IDposters.com has been coming up with unique Raquel Welch posters over the years, responding to the demand of the fans of this screen diva. The USP of the posters designed and developed by IDposters.com is that they are exclusively designed, though the not-too-young fans of Raquel Welch will find traditional posters showing her in roles of the characters of the timeless classics that she has worked in. For the new age fans, we come up with posters that are designed and developed keeping in mind the changing trend of tastes of the younger generation.

The USP of the Raquel Welch posters developed by us at IDposters.com is the use of latest technology in the development. Be it glossy or matte, Raquel Welch posters that we come up with, are picture perfect, sleek and rightly and perfectly manage to put across the beauty and the personality of Welch into the psyche of her fans. The posters are innovative as well, and we from time to time come up with some rare posters showing her in various moods both on and off the set and even from her personal life.

Over the years, many stars are born and many have faded out, but the charisma of Raquel Welch still keeps on haunting the older generations who have grown up seeing her in the films and the new age generations who are coming to know about this screen diva. We at IDposters.com take pride in playing a role, albeit small in this huge fan following that seems to be never ending.

The Raquel Welch posters we come up with are designed and developed using the very latest and state of the art technology and this makes sure that not only they are unique but they are durable as well. Truly, Raquel Welch posters from IDposters.com will surely enhance the look of your room by quite a few notches and if you are a true fan of Raquel Welch, her poster from us will surely make you proud and cause your friends' envy. We have plans to come up with newer Raquel Welch posters after the 90th Academy Awards, after which her fans are looking for her posters with a renewed vigor. She has already become a living legend and we are determined to go all the way to pay tribute to her contribution to American cinema by coming up with new age posters of Raquel Welch.