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Rafael Nadal posters are always ones of the most sought after posters among celebrities from the sports world. «Rafael Nadal Parera” aka “Rafa” is one of the most successful professional tennis players of all times. Rafael Nadal posters as expected are mainly tennis related, on court action photos; and of course that is where he looks the best. He is also equally good when it comes to fashion or modeling photography. He can give stiff competition to any professional model with his macho, intriguing, wolf like looks giving him an extra edge over others, because his facial features are so fantastic.

Rafael Nadal posters seen here depict all these very well and also reflect his appealingly perfect body features. With 14 grand slam titles to his credit, he is the only player to have won at least one grand slam, one ATP 1000, one ATP 500 titles per year for consecutive 10 years.

By winning the 2010 US open Rafa completed the “Career grand slam” and “Career golden slam” in one go, the pictures of which are seen in this poster collection. His cover model photo and photos as face of Emporio Armani (for underwear and jeans) and photos from his numerous commercial endorsements are also seen here.