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Rachel Weisz or Rachel Hannah Weisz is one of the most famous and talented British actress, who has won Academy awards for her performance.

Her first exposure was in the year 1992 in the television film Advocates II and she followed by her roles in the Inspector Morse episode Twilight of the Gods and then in the period drama called Scariet and Black aired on BBC. Her first break on big screen came when she starred in Death Machine, though it was a minor role. Her first major break was in Chain Reaction, which also featured Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman. While this was the start, she was looking for, she features in one film and another and gradually she became one of the major faces in the Hollywood film industry.

Sometime later, she featured in the blockbuster adventure "Mummy" and its sequel "Mummy Returns" opposite Brendon Fraser and then she continued featuring a number of big and moderate budget films, excelling in virtually all of them by her sheer acting capacity. Hence, it is no wonder that actress of the stature of Rachel Weisz will have a huge fan following all over the globe. And why not? She is not a classical beauty if you may say so, but she is obviously the woman next door with her nonchalant looks and carefree attitude, which reflects in her reluctant body language. Even when she smiles, she has a laid back attitude that will surely lure you in a most obvious way. There is an aura of simplicity that will make you like her if not fall for her. Her casual way of looking at the camera, her lively smile also reminds you of the roles she plays and you would very much like to have then frozen on the walls of your room if you are a fan of hers. Here is where the Rachel Weisz posters come into play in a huge way.

At IDposters.com, you will find Rachel Weisz posters in virtually all the ways you would like to see them. Some of them are casual, which will feature her jut enjoying the camera in a carefree mood. In others, you will find her frozen from the scenes of her performance in various movies.

Talking about the style and getup of the Rachel Weisz posters, IDposters.com does a lot of research on how her posters should be. They need to be casual sometimes to provide that woman next door tinge. At times, they should be as gorgeous as it can be, to make sure that the fans can recognize their idol as a fashion diva. Now for a change, she is not a sex symbol, like some of her compatriots. Hence, even if you find some of the Rachel Weisz posters that show her flaunting her assets, you won't find them that ravishing or seducing. Her USP lies in the simplicity. Hence, IDPosters.com comes up with posters that show her in all the simplest forms. When they are colored, they show you the true colors of life that she has within. When they are in Black and white, they come in various shades that will show her in a different mood altogether, albeit light.

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