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Payton List is an 18 year-old American actress as well as model, who has taken the tinsel town and the world of fashion and modeling by storm. She is fresh and lively and that is quite natural for an 18-year- old girl, who has just stepped into the glamour world. At look at the Payton List posters opens the floodgate of a flurry of thoughts, which make your heart melt for love and affection of this teen age sensation with a face as innocent as that if a kid, ripe with sparkling beauty that melts your heart at the very first sight. Yes, that is the first and foremost thing that comes across your mind as you taka look at her posters. She is indeed an epitome of beauty and innocence. She is blonde with a pair of fresh, sparking eyes beaming with life and wit, lustrous pair of lips, which you might die to get the mere taste and touch of, a stunning figure with envious stats, and what not! However, all these are the common USPs of a rising star of the stature of List. There is nothing special in it. What makes the Payton List posters so special is the aura of specter and life, sparkle and gaiety that encompasses here very presence. She is indeed someone who will sprinkle life and joy wherever she looks upon, and that very essence is very much palpable in all her posters. You will find hardly any poster, where she has exposed and have flaunted her assets. There might be an odd one here and an odd one there, in which she has given the hints of her ripening assets. Or might be that they are not matured enough to be flaunted and that is why she is preserving them for the future. But now, as the Payton List posters come up, she is seen in various gleaming poses and body languages that is pregnant with self confidence and glamour that will compel you very much to keep on looking at her. The posters are plain and simple. There is no touch of morbid tinge, unlike in the posters in some of the more experienced divas, which is added purposefully, to add a sense of dullness to the posters. List’s posters are all plain and simple, with no overt application of the style and the light and shade kind of stuffs or something abstract. Rather, you will see some of her posters, where there is too much color and simplicity, that add a girl-next- door kind of tinge to her and her posters, and that is perhaps make the posters closer to heart and more homely, thereby increasing her popularity. The lack of anything abstract justifies the posters and the simple approach of List, as she is indeed a ray beauty, who is still not tested in that a way, and still raw. The simplicity of her approach, coupled by the tinge is innocence is perhaps justified by the simplicity of the posters, which makes Payton more attractive and more homely.Google+