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Patrick Swayze posters was a prominent Hollywood actor, performer, singer and songwriter. His career includes many notable roles for which he received widespread popularity, praise from critics and prestigious awards. He never sought to play easy roles and most of his characters required a lot of physical and emotional involvement. This brilliant actor had a lot of charisma, natural charm and a strong desire to be the best at what he does. He collaborated with some of the most talented directors and actors throughout his career. It is not a surprise that in 1991 People magazine had put him in the top spot as The Sexiest Man Alive. To celebrate his life and work fans all over the world are buying Patrick Swayze t-shirts and other things that honor his memory.

As a child he used to practice dancing and martial arts. These skills have helped him with some of his most iconic roles in the future. While he was trying to pursue the career of a professional dancer, he started taking acted classes. After a number of smaller appearances in TV shows and films, his big part came in the 1983 movie The Outsiders, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Another notable role saw him playing Orry Main in the series called North and South. It was a successful show that featured appearances of famous celebrities, like Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash and David Carradine. Although having participated in many interesting projects, his breakthrough part came with the picture Dirty Dancing. This is where his acquired dancing skills were utilized at the full potential. It was not expected for the movie to do as good as it did and it propelled Patrick Swayze into the echelon of top actors. The part that cemented his status of a super star was in the picture Ghost, with his on-screen partners being Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. This is considered to be his most popular work among audiences, after which the sales of Patrick Swayze mugs and other merchandise have begun to rise.

In addition to dramas, Patrick Swayze proved to have what it takes to be an action star. His performance in the movie Point Break opposite Keanu Reeves has been praised both by critics and fans. The characters he has played have certainly gained cult status and today you have the possibility to pay your respect to this amazing performer. Patrick Swayze posters will nicely decorate any space and motivate you to pursue your dreams.