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Monica Cruz posters will surely be mistaken as those of her sister Penelope Cruz’s as both are so alike. Their similarity is so much that she acted as her sister’s double in one of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies as Penelope was unable physically due to pregnancy. She and her sister were professionally trained to dance and Monica went on to professional flamenco dance in Spain, where she worked for more than seven years and decided to try her chance in acting.

Monica Cruz posters clearly demonstrate her dancing abilities with agile poses and appealing looks. It would be very difficult for a lay man to differentiate her from her sister in these Monica Cruz posters. But they have their own distinct features too. You can see her in various tempting lingerie shots in these Monica Cruz posters.

Her photos in leather lingerie type attire with a dominant mistress image are surely distinct and fabulous. Even though she has facial similarity with her sister her eyes and looks are much different and these features make many of these posters much interesting. She also has a distinct and interesting hairstyle. Her acting career started with the Spanish TV serial “Un Paso Adelante” and later did interesting roles in many Hollywood films like “Asterix at the Olympic games”, Jerry Cotton, All inclusive etc.