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Mickie James posters, 24 items

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Mickie Laree James, or Mickie James is a 36 year old professional is a professional American wrestler, actress, country singer as well as model who is under contract with TNA and GFW. That she is a wrestler is quite evident from the Mickie James posters. She is simply voluptuous. However, at the same time, she is quite beautiful as well. She has a pretty enough face with a pair of highly inviting and seductive eyes, a sensuous pair of lips, a very healthy pair of breasts and solid pair of hips and above all, an overall sexy appeal that will invite you in all possible ways. However, her opponents within the wrestling ring think just the opposite. In spite of being sexy, she is strong enough to knock them down and pin them down with her heavy body. No, they do not feel any orgasm for that, but feel pain –at least that is what her posters are meant to propagate. Just look at the Mickie James posters and you will get a hint of her power. When she appears on the posters, her strength is very much palpable. The most amazing part of Mickie is that she knows she is beautiful as well as sexy and strong. Hence, she flaunts her beauty, strength and her sexuality in a most intelligent way so that each of them gets equal importance and that also in a very sublime way. The posters she appears in bra and bikini surely exhibits her beauty and sexuality, the ones where she is found in the ring surely proliferate her strength, and the ones in which she comes up just as a woman nicely dressed up to be in tune with the latest fashion are there to put on display her magnetic beauty, easily supported and heightened by her sexy assets that everyone dream to taste and feel in private. The photographers have also done a marvelous job in bringing all her qualities and blending them into one – that has become her signature these days. Truly, riding high on the expertise of the photographers, the Mickie James posters are proliferating enough to engage the young as well as not so young hearts in the most ravishing and tantalizing fashion!Google+