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Michael Steven Bublè or Michael Bublè is a 39 year old Canadian singer and a lyricist who also acts occasionally. Going by his looks, he is a stout bodied young man, with a stern face and a stout body language that says the person is extremely confident of what he is doing and is very much aware of whatever is going around him. At least, that is what the Michael Buble posters tell you as you look at them. He is a singer, and a song writer or a lyricist. Naturally, he does not have any intention to act like a super hero or a model in front of the camera. He wants to depict himself in exactly the way he is. That is why, if you look at his posters, you will not find anything out of this world! There is no macho image of Michael, no flashy and innovative backgrounds, no too much innovative props that will make the posters really special, no herculean attitude of Michael. In fact, you will find some posters, in which he looks rather naïve and downtrodden, as if he is posing for the first time with an amateurish and ‘cartoonesque’ background that makes the poster even more slapdash. However, the point is that the entire things are designed and conceptualized intentionally, with a view to give the Michael Buble posters a special tinge, which is so very different from the others. Truly, in all of his posters, Buble looks highly professional, mostly in a professional outfit. The backgrounds though somewhat innovative in some posters, are somewhat subdued, totally devoid of any dazzle. It is this that helps people change their perception about the singer. It truly delivers a message to the onlookers that this person is not out there for any gimmicks. He means serious business and that appropriate respect and admiration should be bestowed on him He is surely not the man next door kind of a person, who can be laughed at, or gossiped about. The credit to this should go to his cameramen, who have gone a long way to create that highly typified ambiance in the Michael Buble posters, which has now become the signature trademark of Michael Buble.