Marisa Miller posters and prints, 480 items

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Marisa Miller posters shown on “” showcase her mesmerizing and elegant looks along with an explicit show of her appealing 34-23-35 body features. She is so perfect in these posers and has seductive but elegant features also. Marisa Miller posters feature her in bikini and lingerie, for which she is so famous for. She was associated with “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” from 2002 to 2208, appearing in every edition of it without fail. These Marisa Miller posters will surely make you remember those works. She has been the cover model for almost all popular glamour, men’s and fashion magazines, many of which are covered in these posters. Her most important modeling deal was when she became “Victoria’s Secret” Angel and as spokesperson and ambassador of Harley Davidson where she gave a photo session in a military style pin up attire and those amazing photos are in this collection. She was listed in many sexiest women lists like the No: 1 spot in Maxim’s “Hot 100 2008” and FHM’s global and US "Sexiest Women in the World" polls. Well these and much more are covered here on this charming model and actress. Her only movie R.I.P.D. is also covered here.