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The charisma and sensation of Marilyn Monroe continues to rule the hearts of billions of her admirers of this sex symbol of yesteryears’ Hollywood even after more than five decades of her death. This American actress and model who reached enviable heights of fame due to her acting skills and more importantly her seductive beauty died only at the age of 36 years, but by then she had set so many hearts on fire with her charisma and sex appeal. The early years Born as Norma Jeanne Mortenson on 1 st June 1926, Marilyn Monroe was one of those few Hollywood stars who created a legacy that was to continue for decades even after they had died. She started her acting career with the movie ‘Dangerous Years’ which released in 1947. However, Monroe had to wait for another six years before she could make it big on the silver screens. It was in 1953 when Monroe starred in three blockbuster movies, ‘Niagara’, ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’ and ‘How to marry a millionaire’. With these movies hitting the screens, both the popularity of Monroe and the demand for Marilyn Monroe posters has been moving north and has never faced a decline over the last 60 years. Monroe as a sex symbol As she grew famous, tales of her different love affairs started floating in the air and soon enough she bagged the title of ‘heartbreaker’ for herself. She had three marriages, none of which lasted for more than 5 years. The various Marilyn Monroe posters that were getting popular day by day had been making her the object of desire for billions of men. One of the most sensational photo sessions that happened with Monroe was in 1954 during the shooting of the film ‘The Seven Year itch’. A particular scene of this movie was shot in Lexington Avenue in NYC where the bombshell was seen standing over a subway grate trying to control her white skirt which was being blown up by the air blower on which she was standing. This scene became the most famous scene of her filmy career. During her professional career, Monroe posed nude for a calendar in 1949 under the name of Mona Monroe. This was the only instance she posed nude for money. These photos proved to be the biggest scandal of her career in the future. The Marilyn Monroe posters available at have some of the nude photos of this seductive Diva along with many other photos where the perfect beauty of this extremely talented model and actress has been captured behind the lens. The tragic death of the diva The headlines of the newspapers of 6 th August 1962 shocked the whole world as it reported the death of Marilyn Monroe due to drug overdose. The ruler of billion hearts was found dead in her apartment with the phone in her hand. While officials blamed the drug overdose to be cause of death of this beautiful actress, her admirers continued to believe that she was being murdered. Whatever may be the reason, what remains as a fact is that the untimely death of this voluptuous beauty caused heartbreaks for millions of men around the world. Although Marilyn Monroe died 44 years back, her admirers still continue to buy Marilyn Monroe posters from various websites like and behold the everlasting beauty of this singer cum model cum actress.