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Lucy Pinder posters are not simply posters of any other glamour model or actress noted for their sex appeal and tempting body features, they are the posters of the most successful British glamour model and they have that specialty printed all over them. Lucy Pinder posters at “” are so magnetic with the excellent show of great body features including her main asset the 32F cup breasts which she has exhibited in an elegant and tempting manner. Lucy Pinder posters are not at all going to lose your attention even though same features are seen over and over again; this is mostly because of the shot selection and magnificent photography and of course the grace and never failing sex appeal of this wonderful English model. The photos from commercial engagements of Lucy are also equally appealing. She has appeared in the 100 sexiest women list of the “FHM” magazine consecutively from 2005 t0 2007. She has been the cover girl for numerous magazines multiple times. “Nuts” magazine has issued over 50 editions with her on cover and they have made her their “Number one babe” since inception till now. She is also the “Best Page 3 girl ever” title winner from “Daily star”. Many such photos can be seen here.