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Lisa Marie Presley is a 47 year old American singer, lyricist and actor and is the only child of the American legend, Elvis Presley. A look at the Lisa Marie Presley posters will tell a lot of stories. The first thing that you will notice in her is the striking resemblance to her father. You can easily make it out that she has the Elvis Presley genes in her. The same galore, the same life, the same depth and the same romantic undertone are very much palpable in her appearance. She is 47, but at this age, when she is nearing her 50s, she has not lost any of her glamour. On the contrary, the experience and age have jointly provided a glow in her, which has made her a bit different from the rest of the lot. She is beautiful – and there is no doubt about it. However, that beauty has a depth and a weight, which you will never be able to ignore. On the other hand, you will find that she knows how to exploit this ‘special; tinge in her in a different way. You will hardly get any light weight poster of her. She is beautiful, gorgeous, blonde, and sexy by her face and by her stunning figure, with some revering turns and ups and down. However, she is hardly seen flaunting her assets, and knows how to respect her self- dignity and self-respect, more so with the legendary name of her father associated with her. She comes up in the Lisa Marie Presley posters in a wide range and wide variety of outfits. In some, she takes a vintage look with the apt outfit, shading, color and light and appropriate props that are used in those pictures. However, in some, she looks invigorating and more than contemporary, with suitable props and backgrounds, outfits and makeup. In whatever way she presents herself in the posters, she would look someone different from the others. Even her posters differ a lot from each other in terms of approach, mood and tinge, and that is perhaps the greatest USP that is associated with the famous second name, and this daughter of that legend had taken forward that charisma in the truest sense. This is very much palpable in the Lisa Marie Presley posters that you come across every now and then. Even the ones behind the cameras have gone some extra miles to do fitting justice to this legacy, and in the process they came up with some breathtaking posters of Lisa Marie, which not only made her a sex diva without the show of skin, but also make her of the most respectable and happening stars of this era – more so, with the right kind of lens, lights, angles, props and dresses she are seen in and with, in her posters.Google+