Lindsey Vonn posters and prints, 375 items

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Lindsey Vonn posters are a perfect show of the ski queen in various attires ranging from sports skiing dresses to designer evening gowns, party wears and casuals. She is a rare mix of beauty and talent. Lindsey has done her country proud over the years by becoming one of the best performers in the ski world earning medals, trophies and respect. With four world cup championships and winter Olympics gold and bronze she has earned the maximum rewards in her discipline and has taken US ski team to its best level of achievement. Much of her sports life and achievements have been well showcased by perfectly shot sports quality photos seen in these Lindsey Vonn posters. Her social events, modeling works and commercial engagements have also been well covered in these Lindsey Vonn posters. Her semi nude photos in lingerie and revealing attire are bound to cause sleepless nights to many. Cover photos involving Lindsey with many famous magazines like Fitness, Outside, Vogue, etc are also seen here. Her outstanding career was affected by injury woos in the years 2011 to 2012 but she made comebacks to surprise everyone but couldn’t compete in the 2014 winter Olympics due to recurring injury to her knee joint.