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It is not your birth that decides who you will be, it is your passion and LeBron James posters will remind you of it again and again. He fought against all odds that life has presented him and became the golden boy of NBA. In those old days Born on 30 th December 1984 in Akron, Ohio LeBron ReymoneJames’ was brought up by his mother. When he was born his mother, Gloria James was only 16 years old and his biological father Anthony McClelland disagreed to become parent. It was Gloria who worked hard all the way to ensure that the boy gets everything. However, things were not easier and LeBron did not have many friends in school. All he wanted was to excel in life to put away the embarrassment of personal life, but he could not concentrated on studies. He gave his full attention to basketball and football and this great athlete cum basketball player was in the making. LeBron James Posters will not show you his fight but his determination to fight back. High School Basketball Star In 1999His natural talents for basketball make St. Vincent-St. Mary High school to join their basketball team. His average points per game were 18 and he was the key player who makes the team to Division III state title. His performance was highly appraised everywhere and different honors at school level started flowing in. He decided it was time to go pro and he finished his education. His average was 31.6 points per game that helped his team to get national ranking and if you want LeBron James Posters visit His score at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School during the four years was 2657 points, 523 assists and 892 rebounds. Professional career When he joined the professional circuit with such impressive record, he was picked at 2003 NBA draft. He was signed by The Cleveland Cavaliers, to whom he became a valuable addition. This young forward helped the team to get their position back. He also signed various endorsements one of which included Nike. During 2003-04, he won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, at the age of only 20 years. He was first from Cavalier franchise to win this award. And it makes another reason you should have your own collection of LeBron James Posters 2004 was an important milestone in his life as he debuted in Olympics Summer gamesand with his team members brought U.S the bronze medal defeating Lithonia. During 2005 he was the youngest player who had scored 50 points in one game. His feat continued and every year he proved himself more valuable to Cavalier. His versatility was praised universally as he was playing asshooting guard, point guard, and small forward. James brought gold medal from China Olympics 2008. During the 2008-2009 seasons the main discussion among his fans and sports journalist was whether he will become a free agent or not. During 2010 he had the opportunity to be a free agent and shortly after that he joined Miami Heat for the 2010-2011 seasons. Although his fans at Cleveland were disappointed by this, yet he succeeded in his career. During 2011-2012 seasons his team Miami Heat became victorious in the NBA finals. He also brought gold medal for the U.S basketball team along with his teammates for the consecutive second time in 2012. During 2014, after plating with the heats for these years, James decided that he will return to Cavalier. He led them to the NBA final and was the first player who played in NBA finals in last 50 years. LeBron James Posters are now the most precious things that any NBA lover will like to collect.