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Lana Del Rey posters will not only remind you of a famous singer and model but a lady who fought back to fame with her will and determination. Born as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, she had to struggle a lot to get the fame she enjoys today. Her name Lana Del Rey has been suggested by a series of lawyers and managers who wanted her name to be such that suits her musical career. Finally, it is the combination of late Hollywood actress Lana turner and name of ford car Del Rey that brought Lana Del Rey in existence. Thus, she left behind Lizzy Grant, with which has debuted in music industry. Now, she is famous American singer, songwriter and Vogue cover girl. The journey begins Lana Del Rey was born on 21 st June 1986 in New York and she spent her early years in Lake Placid, a village near New York. Her parents were Robert England Grant, Jr. Patricia Ann aka "Pat". She had a brother and a sister and they all belonged to a wealthy family headed by her grandfather Robert England Grant, Sr who was an investment banker and a venture capitalist. During her early days Lana was not aware of her musical skills until she started living with her uncle and aunt at Long Island. It was her uncle who taught her playing guitar and gradually she was there as Lizzy Grant, writing songs and playing in the New York clubs. Around 2005, when she was in Fordham University she started becoming serious about her music career. Her first compact disc registration in 2005 was in the name of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant that failed to get accolades and she continued her struggle to become famous. With her managers Ben Mawson and Ed Millett, she moved to England to recreate a new persona. It was in during October 2011 she rebranded herself as Lana Del Rey and the rest is history. Lana Del Rey- the fame begins During July 2011 she released song video games online and people started responding to it. Her songs, ‘blue jeans’ and ‘video games’ became internet sensation and its YouTube views created history by exceeding 20 million views during first 5 months of upload. She was awarded Q award as the “next big thing.” ‘Born to Die’ was her debut album that was released in January 2012 and soon started rising the chartbusters. Although it stumbled at the beginning, soon it got to the nerve of the listeners. During 2013 she was busy in various videos and singles that includes cover of ‘Chelsea hotel#2’ or ‘summer wine’, but her biggest hit that year was the new song ‘Young and beautiful’. She released a short film at the end of 2013 named Tropico. In 2014 she released “Ultraviolence” that has steady growth than “born to Die.” It was acclaimed everywhere and this album made her famous in US and UK both. Without wasting time she started working on “Honeymoon” that was released in September 2015. Lana has seen failure and from there she had climbed to the stairs of success. She was the Vogue cover girl in UK during March 2012. Thus, getting Lana Del Rey Posters will be a style statement as well as motivation for those who are fighting their way to success. To get Lana Del Rey Posters search online at idposters .com and get various posters at reasonable price.