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Kristen Jaymes Stewart or Kristen Stewart is a 25 year old Hollywood actress, who fame by playing the role of the protagonist Bella Swan in the famous Twilight Saga films. She is extremely beautiful – but this is just an understatement. In fact, she is one of the cutest and the most sought after faces in Hollywood today, more so after her swashbuckling performance for the Twilight Saga franchise. A childish looking face full of cuteness and innocence, a fresh, energetic pair of glittering eyes, a fascinating smile and a young, curvy figure, and above all, a highly appreciable acting prowess – she has it all in her and that is she is one of the most fascinating young talents in the Hollywood today. Now let us come to the Kristen Stewart posters. She knows that she is an actress and her task is to act and give her best in front of the camera. She is no model, nor is she there to show up too much of her skin. That thought of hers reflects in her posters in a big way. Very seldom you will see her in skimpy dresses in front of lens. If you look around for her posters, you will find them either in form of stills from her films, where she in not Kristen Stewart, but the character she is playing, or you will find her in posing just to show off her divine beauty in all the ways she can, but in dress. You will not see her showing off nudity, or seducing you. All her posters are straightforward – simple but energetic enough to make you think about her. You will love her, but not dream of taking her to your bed. Even when it comes to the photographers, they keep things straight and simple as well. They do not use innovative backgrounds to make her look more seductive or create a mysterious ambiance around her. Her pictures are simple, just like the girl next door and frankly speaking, it is this simplicity that makes the Kristen Stewart posters so much adorable and lovable – at least till now!Google+