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Kesha Rose Sebert, who is professionally known as Kesha, is a 28 year old US singer, rapper, and a lyricist. That she is a rapper is very much evident in her attitude in the Kesha posters. She is quite beautiful and there is no doubt in it. However, the specialty of her posters and of her in person is that she is not out there is show the world how beautiful she is, or how sensuous she is. Yes, she is quite sexy and voluptuous with a set of awe-inspiring assets. However, just like the mood of the rap music, which she epitomizes, she does not flout her beauty too much on stage as well as in the posters. If you look at her in her posters or her photos of performance, the only thing that will cross your thought is – revolution. None of the Kesha posters is normal from a certain point of view. They are courageous and different. It is not that they are too much obscene, or there is too much nudity. In fact, she exposes very little, except on a few occasions. It is the nature of her posters that make the difference. They are in one word – simply revolutionary. The way she poses, the way she does her makeup before posing in front of the camera, the props used, the lights and shades, the backgrounds – everything is so much different from the other celebrities when it comes to posing for posters. She tried to tell the entire world that she thinks very differently, just like her songs. She does not walk along the path of the exploiting and displaying the beauty and eroticism, but wants to depict herself as a revolutionary figure, and thus goes out all the way to prove her points. Even the men behind the camera go all out to assist her in her endeavor. Just have a look at the Kesha posters and you will understand the difference. The arrangers and the cameramen have all thought out of the box to give the out of the world tinge to the posters. You may like them, you may dislike them – but you cannot ignore them.Google+