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When music is everything for someone, she will surely find out some or other way to go to the top and Katy Perry posters just reminds of the fact. With a conservative background she learned values that helped her getting to the top. Childhood and Early Life Katy Perry Posters are ideal for you if you love to have pretty faces in your room and are an ardent lover of music. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, better known as Katy Perry was born on 25 th October 1984 to Mary Christine Perry and Maurice Keith Hudson in Santa Barbara, California. She has a younger brother, David and elder sister, Angela. Her family was a conservative one and she along with her siblings was brought up under many restrictions. She loved music but was allowed to listen to gospel music only. It was her friends who provided her with different types of music. Her parents admired her voice and encourage her to learn singing. At the started learning at the age of 9 and then she sang in the churches. After completing her General education development from Dos Pueblos High School at the age of fifteen years she pursued her dream to be a singer. She joined ‘Music Academy of the West’ in Santa Barbara to make her career in music and learned Italian opera. Rock musicians Steve Thomas and Jennifer Knapp recognized her talent and took her to Nashville, Tennessee. There was started getting training in playing guitar and writing songs. She was just no more a pretty face for Katy Perry posters; she was then developing into much more than that. Career growth Her first music album was launched in 2001 under the name ‘Katy Hudson’ Red Hill Records launched this album which was a gospel music record. This album was not popular and then she shifted to popular music. In association with American songwriter Basil Glen Ballard Jr. she started writing songs. She travelled to Los Angeles at the age of seventeen but not much success came forward at the beginning. In 2005, Katy sung a song in ‘the sisterhood of the travelling pants’ and also many other songs. In 2007, Katy signed contract with ‘Capitol Records Company’ and 2008 witnessed her song ‘I kissed a girl’ being getting to the top of chart busters. One by one others songs too released and they were appreciated by one and all. Later years have seen her busy with music albums, going on various tours and getting to the top of Billboard chart again and again with her musical numbers. Some of the famous creations by this singer were ‘California gurls’, ‘Ur so gay,’ ‘Fireworks’ and other. Her album Teenage dream was a huge success. Endeavors in other fields Katy just not kept her as a singer; she ventured into other areas too and was successful there. She appeared in ‘the Simpson’ Christmas episode, ‘the fight before Christmas’ she debuted in films in 2011 in the movie ‘Smurfs.’ In 2012, her autobiographical documentary ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’ hit the theatres and was a hit. She continued acting in various other movies. She turned herself to an entrepreneur after she introduced her perfume ‘Purr’ in 2010. She also introduced another perfume ‘Killer queen’ later. Katy Perry posters are best way to get her in your home and admire her while listening to her songs. For making your collection of Katy Perry posters visit idposter.com and order online.