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People look for Kanye West posters, as the name of Kanye West is famous for two reasons in the American music fraternity. Firstly, he is beyond doubt one of the most critically acclaimed solo artist with a wide musical palette. Secondly, he is known for his outspoken nature which has always caused him being under the radar of media for something or the other that he would do or he would say in the public. Controversies put aside, West is certainly one of the most talented rappers that America has seen over the decades.

Kanye's childhood story:

Born as Kanye Omari West in Atlanta, GA on 8 June 1977, Kanye grew up in Chicago as he developed a passion towards art. He started writing poetries since the age of 5 years and while he was in the third grade, he would surprise people with his impeccable drawing skills. As he grew up in Chicago, the local hip hop culture gradually got inculcated in West and he started rapping while he was in the third grade. By the time he reached the seventh grade, West had started composing music and selling it off to other artists.

Professional life of West:

After dropping out from college at the age of 20 year, West started his music production career in mid 1990s where he produced music for a number of reputed music groups and artists. While he was growing popular as a music producer, Kanye always wanted to be a rapper himself as that was his childhood passion. As he was being looked upon as a music producer by the music industry, West found it rather difficult to get his first breakthrough as a rapper.

It was in 2004 that Kanye West could finally release his debut solo album, 'The College Dropout'. The album was an instant hit and it debuted at number 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The sales figures were astonishingly high with 441,000 copies being sold in the very first week with worldwide sales of more than 4 million copies by 2014.

As seen in the Kanye West posters, the producer turned rapper had a wonder flamboyancy which helped him reach to the peak of fame and success in a matter of no time. His second album 'late Registration' met equal critical and commercial success in 2005. Till date, Kanye West has released 8 studio albums, and is currently working on the 9th album titled 'Turbo Grafx 16'. Kanye West has also featured in a number of movies and television shows as himself where he has given guest and cameo performances. Some of the Kanye West posters have stills from these movies which are being appreciated by his fans largely.

Controversies and personal life:

Kanye West has always being the favorite child of controversy. His comments about the US Government's response time during Hurricane Katrina disaster brought him enough media attention for the wrong reasons.

After getting his name engaged with a number of women since 2002, finally West got married to famous reality star Kim Kardashian in 2014. Like any other thing that West does, even his marriage attracted huge media attention as it happened in a historic fortress in Florence, Italy. The couple is happily blessed with two children. You can catch this celebrity couple in the various Kanye West posters where the couple is seen in various moods and persona.

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