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Popularly known as Dr. of Thuganomics, John Cena is famous as being a WWE wrestler and actor. WWE fans love to have John Cena posters at their home, as they admire the abilities of this person as a wrestler. He is not just a famous WWE wrestler but much more than that. He has come to this position from being a chauffeur of limousine with his hard work and passion for the sports. Early Life Cena was born as John Felix Anthony Cena to Sr. John Cena and Carol Cena on 23 rd April 1977. He was their second son among five sons and he was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts. When he was a kid, he had a passion for sports and loved to work out too. Gradually as he grew to 15 years of age he became regular to the gym. Later, after he graduated from high school he went to Springfield College in Massachusetts. There Cena chose exercise physiology and made his way to football. In 2000, after graduating from college he decided to shift to California following his passion towards bodybuilding. It was against his father wish and he went across the country with only $500 in his pocket. The transition period was very tough and he even worked as chauffeur of a limousine. Affording an apartment too seemed tough to him then. So, as you look at the John Cena posters you would get reminded that nothing is impossible to achieve with hard work, dedication and perseverance. Foray into Wrestling In early 2000 the turning point of his life came when a wrestler at Gold’s encouraged Cena to start classes at Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW). All this happened when Cena was casually discussing his career with the wrestler. Cena had grown up watching wrestling heroes like Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels going to the ring, thus it was kind of a welcome suggestion for him. Once started his journey as a wrestler, he proved his skills fast. He called himself “the prototype” and won UPW title during April 2000. His efforts and skills had attracted the WWE executives and during 2001 he signed a contract for playing at OVW or Ohio valley Wrestling. WWE Debut His debut to WWE occurred after he signed the Smackdown roster after capturing the OVW heavyweight title. After two years in 2004 he was United States Champion and during the championship he defeated The Big show in Wrestlemania XX. Then the world saw his success story. As seen in the John Cena posters he not only had a good physique but got killing good looks as well. This earned him the title of “the Marky mark of wrestling.” His success was no more bounded within the ring; it was spread far beyond it. Ventures outside Wrestling Cena started his acting career through the production wing of WWE. In 2006 he was seen in The Marine and in 2009 he was seen in 12 rounds. Both of them were action films that gained him more popularity. He didn’t stop here, his rap album, “you can’t see me” hit the record stores in 2005 and was in the U.S billboard chart. His acting skills were praised during 2015 when comedy Trainwreck was released. There was a rumor in between that Cena had died in a car accident which was not true and he is still at the best of his health. Yes, this rumor has increased the demand for John Cena posters more at A character like this is always inspirational for all and you too can get the same once you have John Cena posters.Google+