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It’s easy to recognize her from Jennifer Garner posters for her sweet and all American face that is complete with luscious lips and megawatt smile on the lips. Although her list of prominent film roles are quite short compared to others she is among the ‘A’ listed actress of Hollywood. Garner was born in 1972; 17th April in Houston, Texas and later for her father’s job was transferred to Princeton, West Virginia. She agrees that she got most of her inspiration from Melissa Lynn Garner Wylie, her sister. She has also mentioned that acting was never an in born talent in her, rather it was kind of ‘to do something’ that has led her to this career. After graduating from college with a degree in performance in 1994, she moved to New York for pursuing acting. There while pursuing her luck, she worked as a hostess to earn her living. Then she was offered few roles that she kept on performing. Her feature film debut was for the movie “Dude, Where is my Car?” opposite Ashton Kutcher as her girlfriend. From 1998, she has been acting in WB’s Felicity. During 2001, Jennifer Garner got the break she has been looking for as CIA agent Sidney Bristow at ABC’s alias as the lead role. She was hugely successful and let the mob acclaim her talent. She has successfully completed five seasons of the show and has won a Golden Globe too. In the comic book caper, garner appeared against Ben Affleck, and then she planed up in the fighting spin-off Elektra. Alter she found giggling in the romantic comedy “Going on 30.” Everybody would like to have Jennifer Garner posters as not because her face is sweet enough, she would lit up any room with her smile, just the way she had lit up the life of Scott Foley in the year 2000. However, this marriage lasted till 2004 and then she married her daredevil co-star Ben Affleck in the year of 2004. They have three children from the marriage. Garner is not only an actress rather she is a producer too who has her own production house Vandalia Films. Her first movie “Butter” released in American theatres in 2012.Google+