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Collection of Jared Leto posters shown here reflects the multifaceted and talented nature of Jared Leto. So much talent and success you will see rarely in a person. Jared Leto posters depict such vivid pictures of his brilliance, charm, photogenic looks, extravagant and bizarre attitudes and much more. From his career start as an actor in 1994, starting with TV serial “My so called life” and his first film role in “How to make an American quilt” in 1995, he has had the opportunity to perform a variety of roles, so diverse and interesting that, moments from his filmography are bound to be much interesting as you see in this collection of Jared Leto posters. In the early part of his career itself in 1998 the actor took his interests to a different field and started the band “30 seconds to Mars” (“This is War”, “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” etc.). The posters involving his music career are equally interesting and worth buying. After a short break he again returned to movies and did some splendid roles which have made him so popular and widely acclaimed. Posters from these movies like “Alexander”, Panic room, Lord of War etc. and the latest movie “Dallas buyer’s club” (Oscar award for The best supporting role) are present in this collection.