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Janet Jamita Jo Jackson or Janet Jackson!! Does the name ring a bell in you? It surely does! The youngest in the famous Jackson family, this 49 year old music sensation has truly carried the legacy of that great name in the world of pop – Michael Jackson. Janet, like her famous brother Michael is also an enormously talented singer, songwriter, as well as an actress. It is not only the legacy she carries with her, but it is her her acting singing and lyrics writing prowess, that have earned her the fame she has and truly, she is one of the most popular and celebrated names in the world of film and music – almost as much as her more famous elder brother Michael. Have you looked at the Janel Jackson posters? Surely you have! That she belongs to the Jackson family is very much evident from these posters. She is quite beautiful and to say the least, exquisitely sexy. She knows that and is proud for that. Hence, needless to say that it is not only for singing, acting and song writing abilities that she is famous for. She is also famous for her ability to seduce and her gallant way of exposing her assets. In very few of her posters, she is fully dressed. Even if she is so, her very looks and her way of posing in front of the camera make it all clear – that she wants to have you in all sorts of ways. At times, she appears absolutely nude in her posters, with her boobs being covered by the hand of someone else from behind. In some, she comes up nude and concealing her assets either with the help of the light and shadow effect make by the extremely talented photographers, or by the angular pose of her body. This means, she can use the lights and shades and the camera angle to spin that aura of mystery around her. And this is her tactic of showing or revealing anything makes you madder. This is where she wins the battle, and it is this prowess that wins her the battle of winning the hearts of millions like you.Google+