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The legendry singer, songwriter, and model Grace Slick has donned several hats throughout her three decade musical career. She is better known for her stints as lead singers of popular rock groups like Jefferson Airplane, Starship, Jefferson Starship and The Great Society. She has even worked on various single albums as a solo artist and has enjoyed equal popularity for her solo as well as group albums. In the annals of rock history, she is considered to be the best till date. Many rock historians are of the opinion that no contemporary rock singers are poised to replace her.

Grace Slick’s musical career began when she formed her first rock group “The Great Society” with her husband Jerry Slick. Later she joined another rock group Jefferson Airplane because she was not happy with the unprofessional attitude of the members of her last band. After staying with band for four years, Slick moved to her next band Jefferson Starship and released some great singles like Manholes, Dreams, and Software. Grace Slick posters are still a huge craze among the rock fans and historians who love to collect posters of the bygone era.

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