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Gina Carano posters, 313 items

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This collection of Gina Carano posters is a perfect mix of flawless beauty and martial arts power. Gina Carano has been one of the best Women Multiple Martial Arts (MMA) fighters among many official organizations of the competitive fighting genre. She was always listed in the first 3 ranks in WMMA during her career. But what makes her unique among others in the field is her pretty face which is a rarity there. With body stats and facial beauty which can compete with professional models Gina Carano posters can become much sought after by her fans and others. Gina Carano posters comprise of her numerous photo sessions for the WMMA or Strike force or Elite XC related promos, prefight posters, magazine covers, lingerie shows, calendars, etc. She has also had a successful career in TV serials (Fight girls, Almost human etc.) and movies (Blood and bone, Haywire, Fast & furious 6, etc.). “Haywire” is her most successful film which earned her wide acclaim. The scenes from “Haywire” and other films are also present in these Gina Carano posters. Gina Carano’s lingerie shots are a pleasure to watch, the fighter proves the fact that she is the best in sex appeal also. Her appealing looks are no less lethal than her deadly Muay Thai blows.Google+