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Gemma Atkinson is a 31 year old British actress, television personality, and lingerie & glamour model. She is famous for her role of Lisa Hunter in the famous television series ‘Hollyoaks’ and ‘Hollyoaks: Afterhours’, ‘Hollyoaks: Let Loose’, ‘Hollyoaks: In the City’, though she has played various roles in other TV series as well. Now, let us get to the point of describing the Gemma Atkinson posters. First of all, she is astoundingly beautiful. She is – just stunning to look at. With one of most beautiful faces in the world of showbiz, she is a real beauty. So if you ignore everything else in her posters, the sheer beauty of her face will make you mad for her. Now let us get into the details of her beauty. She is blonde with a silky, golden hair. A ravishing pair of eyes, mesmerizing lips, a maddening smile that will leave you awe-struck and a pleasing personality that tells at the top of its voice, that she is different. No – she is not a porn star. She is only a lingerie model. That means the stunning figure that she has, is not caressed and wafted many times. Yes – the Gemma Atkinson posters show that she has indeed a stunning figure, which coupled by her pretty face has made her such a successful model, in which she is required to show her dangerous curves and her voluptuous assets in a big way. Yet, she is different. Even in the posters in which she appears topless, she does not lose her dignity. Her priceless assets are for you to see, but not to touch – even in your fantasy. Just see what the photographers have done while taking her shots during the making of the Gemma Atkinson posters. Gemma Atkinson posters. She was made to wear only those outfits, which suit her personality. The props used and most importantly the blunt backgrounds used, have made her look more beautiful, and indeed, she is so – after all!Google+