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Eva Mendes, the American model, singer, actress and designer is a wonderful personality. At 41, she is getting younger, and this is reason enough for her to appear in her posters, sporting a mesmerizing look and feel. Truly, this blond celebrity is someone who deserves a lot of praise, for not only her singing and acting skills, but also the way she carries herself in the Eva Mendes posters, in which she looks like an angel. It is not that she has a look of Marylyn Monroe, or of Gigilian Anderson or of Kate Windslet. She is beautiful in her own way. Look at her eyes – they are more than appealing, with a seamless combination of seduction and childish grin that sparkles whenever she looks. Her lips perfect for a grin that will make you interested and of course, she has a hell of a body with some charismatic statistics. She knows that and does not hesitate to show them off in the posters. This makes the Eva Mendes posters so reverberating. She has some scintillating assets to show off. They will rejuvenate the passion in you if you are a man, and make you feel envious if you are a woman, especially if you are in the wrong side of 40s. Her boobs are holdy while her waist is too seductive, and her cleavage is as deep as it can be and that is quite evident when she is seen flouting them with a low cut spaghetti. Her hips are too ravishing and she shows them off with great acumen. She knows her plus points and plays the game accordingly in the posters. She does not get overambitious and bare it all in front of the lens as that will lessen that aura of mystery that shrouds her posters. While you think her to go a bit more adventurous, she will never go by you and instead go for an altogether different route, flirting with you in all the possible ways, through her eyes and her erotic poses that make her curves all the more apparent and inviting. She invites you, but keeps a distance, and that is the specialty of the Eva Mendes posters, which draw you at her, but quickly draws a line for you to stop!