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Even four decades after the passing away of Edie Sedgwick, her legend and enigma has never really faded away. In fact, fans of this Andy Warhol’s superstar have only kept growing over the last few decades. She was beautiful, enigmatic and full of charisma that every successful celebrity possesses. However, the only thing that made Edie Sedgwick stand out was her attitude and unusual fashion sense. She was considered to be the bellwether for the punk look during the late 60s. The popularity of Edie Sedgwick posters only kept growing over the years – it seems fans can never enough of this star. She started out her career as a model and joined the famous Andy Warhol’s Factory during her early 20s. Edie Sedgwick started appearing in various short films produced by Warhol and soon became a celebrity who was raved about in the underground film fraternity. She never gained any kind of commercial success during her stints in Warhol movies but she was given the perfect platform to showcase her beauty that became the instant talk of the underground film circuit. Edie Sedgwick posters of the 60s era is still very popular and there are many people who love to collect them. Edie Sedgwick still has a decent fan following all over the world and people love to pick some of her hottest pics. You can always place an online order for Edie Sedgwick posters. Buying some of the best pics of this star is extremely easy. You will be able to buy posters of your choicest models and actresses on our website as we have a huge collection of pics that you can get printed. You will just need to choose the image you want on the print and we will get it delivered to your address. We have an excellent collection of Edie Sedgwick photos, which offers you the unique opportunity to choose and get your favourite image printed. These supreme quality posters can be either kept as your personal collection or you can even gift it to your friends and family members. We maintain the best quality when it comes to printing celebrity images and you can get the photos printed on a material of your choice. Do not wait and place an online order on our website today to get the best Edie Sedgwick posters of your choice.Google+