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Dita Von Teese posters and prints, 1416 items

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Dita Von Teese posters are easy to be mistaken for adult rated posters of some hot Italian bimbo. But the burlesque dancer, who brought back this dance form from extinction and gave it a new life with her graceful skills, is far above this cabaret dancer image which she has. She has that elite aristocratic aura around her which is portrayed much effectively in these Dita Von Teese posters. Her elegant pictures in classy evening gowns and all the formal attire she wears further enhance her aristocratic image apart from the fact that the art form she pursues has nudity as the main attraction. At a time when burlesque dance form was getting degraded into an art form meant only for entertainment of drunken people at bars, clubs and casinos and was slowly coming to extinction even there, Dita Von Teese and some other similar artists revived the dance form by virtue of their sheer brilliance and dancing talent. Dita Von Teese posters definitely exhibit several aspects of burlesque dance and also her social and personal life. Above all she is such a beautiful and elegant woman whom you can watch on and on. So her posters are bound to invoke interest in a wide audience.