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Dana Harem is a 32 year old Czech nude model, who is famous for her appearance in the Czech edition of the famous ‘Playboy’ magazine. She is beautiful, but that is not a very big compliment for her. Nude models like her are ought to be beautiful. However, which is really special for her is the freshness that she carries with her, even at the age of 32, after so many years of glare under the spotlight. If you look at the Dana Harem posters, the first and foremost thing that will attract you will be her face. She has pair of really fascinating blue eyes, which are as deep as they can be. Her lips are tender and sexy and so is her golden flowing hair. However, the real USP that she carries with herself is her stunning figure. Everything is perfect about her body. The proportion of her assets, the complexion her skin, the voluptuousness of her assets, pregnant by the dangerous curves – everything makes her look arrogantly sexy. And she knows that she is there is redefine sex and eroticism and that is what she does with all the acumen that she has mastered over the time. In the Dana Harem posters, she dresses up in the most fabulous way, and in the most inviting way with the most innovative get ups. She poses, she looks, the smiles in the most provocative way, so much so that you will not think twice before fantasizing about her. Even the photographers have done a world of good for her. The way they have presented her, with all the props, the angles and lights that they have used, and the backgrounds have collectively made the Dana Harem posters extremely exhilarating. The fact that she is so beautiful without dress, will make you feel that she looks incomplete in dress, and that’s where she wins over you.Google+