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Charlize Theron posters shown on "" are just mind-blowing and fabulous. Charlize Theron has maintained her South African citizenship even on attaining the long awaited US citizenship. These Charlize Theron posters invariably include her nude photo sessions for which she is so famous for. You will remember when she became the “Playboy” cover girl and also the wonderful nude pictures inside; almost all of them are here in this collection of Charlize Theron posters. She won a modeling contract during a beauty and talent hunt competition in native South Africa and went to Europe for her modeling career and after several stints in commercials and fashion shows she ended up in New York with her mother and after several difficult moments in life she reached Los Angeles and got her first acting role in a video film in 1995 and her first feature film in 1996 (2 days in the valley). In the next 3 years she did 3 films which earned her wide acclaim (Devil’s advocate, Mighty Joe Young and “The Cider House rules”). After these hit films there was no look back for Theron. These Charlize Theron posters essentially include scenes from these famous movies and also from the later movies in which she received Oscar awards for “Monsters” and “North country” and also golden globe for the latter.