Channing Tatum posters and prints, 700 items

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Channing Tatum posters are nothing but a big wow for his fans and admirers worldwide as they give a chance to relish the beautiful moments he has given them on screen and off screen. He can be invariably called the handsome macho of Hollywood, with his decently huge muscular figure and masculine yet lovely face. From the handsome teenage football player in “Coach Carter” to the super hero roles in GI-Joe films; romantic roles in “The vow” and Dear John to the youth icon and dance sensation roles in the Step up movies have been equally appealing, and are well depicted in this Channing Tatum posters collection. Channing was awarded the “Sexiest man alive” annual title of People magazine for the year 2012 and the fact that he is worthy of the title in every sense of it will be proven by the wonderful collection of Channing Tatum posters shown at “”. He has amassed a wide variety of prestigious movie awards like the MTV Movie Award and People’s Choice Award etc. multiple times during his brilliant and successful career and wonderful moments captured from these functions and other shows are showcased here. His pictures are of different styles like party time, modeling, acting, social events etc.