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Who says one cannot be sexy and attractive at 54? It is completely a wrong notion. Just look at the Carol Alt posters and you will understand why it is high time to move on from this age old notion that sexual appeal and glamour diminishes with age? Every age has its own beauty and it depends upon impeccable maintenance. Carol Ann Alt, the American actress and model has proved it. She has wrinkles here and there – that is quite obvious for a woman who is in her mid 50s. But the most amazing part is that she has not tried to hide them, but use them in a way to seduce you – and indeed, she has succeeded. Her body curves and lines have changed, but she has carried them in a way so much so that they do not look out of the place. In fact, her sagging assets have made her all the more beautiful. It is just because she has maintained and groomed them and in way that they changed with her age along with her. The Carol Alt posters do justice to her changing body lines in a marvelous way. They had never tried to make her look young. But, they have remained true to her age. Just compare her present posters with those snapped 20 years back. She was sexier then – and there is no doubt about that. But with her age, he appeal has only ripened, and her posters have also changed. There has been a change in the lights, the angles of the shots, the makeup, the background and most importantly, the way they highlight her body curves now. She still holds her appeal, and her charm, her naughtiness in her eyes and the posters do justice to that. So, all the credits go to the men behind camera who have done everything to keep the expectations about her alive. And there likes her magic. She is still enigmatic and seductive at 54 in her way and the photographers do everything to market that. Truly, if you are to fantasize with an older woman, here are the Carol Alt posters to help you in that!Google+