Britney Spears posters and prints, 1915 items

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Britney Spears, the name itself ignites something in the heart of millions of music lovers. She has seen enough success as a solo performer and is also well known controversies relating to her. Whatever be the situation, she presently has MTV awards and a Grammy Award under her coat, not mentioning the other awards that she has grabbed. She has created a sexier image for her and has tried to maintain that. Even Britney Spears posters show the image that she had been carrying since her debut in this field. Born in 1981, at Kentwood, Louisiana she started performing at the age of 11 for a TV show named “All New Mickey Mouse Club.” In 1999, public found her going higher in the music charts with her song “baby one more time.” Presently she is a judge in X factor. Recognizing her talent and her demand among her fans she released her second album “Oops! I did it again” which too saw the meteoric rise. With the hit numbers she was simply ruling the music industry. During this phase of her life, Spears had been sometime rising as a superstar, while sometimes she saw failure. One of the major setbacks in her life perhaps was her broken relationship with Justin Timberlake. However, regarding marriage she has created history by marrying Jason Alexander, her childhood friend for only 50 hours, Later she got settled with Kevin Federline. However, although her career may seem to have only highs, she has also faced many downfalls, mainly due to her knee operation. Later after she had overcome it she gave her biggest hit in the shape of “My Prerogative.” It was like her telling the critics that Britney spears is yet there and she has the power to deliver much more than one can expect. Britney Spears posters, just like her would give you the feel to be rebellious yet get attached to your spirit and always remember what your prime focus is. She loves to spend time with her two sons, yet apart from that she has also organized herself into several charitable works.