Custom printing

The table of resolutions for posters formats:
A0 (122cm x 81cm) 3300 x 2300 pics
A1 (81cm x 61cm) 2300 x 1700 pics
A2 (61cm x 46cm) 1500 x 1100 pics
A3 (43cm x 30cm) 1200 x 800 pics

You may get varied designer items from the market or online, but nothing can be compared with the ones that are customized as per your choice and with images that you like. At, idposter, we understand the importance of your feelings and thus, provide you the best quality printing services for 'anything' that you want to print. It can be a poster with your favourite cousin smiling or a t-shirt with the image of your best birthday gift. With us, you can let your imagination flow and design anything that you want, and present them the way you want them to be.

Moreover, we give wings to your imagination and you give life to your creative thoughts with just a few clicks. You can choose any image from your own computer or download something that allures you and then place your order with us. Just think of any innovative ideas for custom poster printing, and we are there to fulfil your wish. By uploading an image of your choice, you would be open to the scope of creating varied items that you want and then use them personally or gift them to your favourite person on their special occasion. Some of the printing options that you can explore on our website include:

Custom face mask new

Upload your own text, photo, image or design to personalize your face mask!

Custom posters

Have you ever thought in how many ways you can use the posters? They can be used for personal collection or even for decorating office walls or hotel lobbies. Thus, while designing custom posters you need to be very specific about the purpose for which you would be using the posters. If you want to enlighten your living area with the posters of your childhood, rely on us. We would print posters for you that would make it possible for you to use at your living room. The print quality would be best in the market and the services would be prompt.

With our services, it would be easy for you to design and print your favorite poster as you would just need to upload the picture and then choose the size. After making the payment through our secured gateway, you would have to wait for some time and then get the final poster delivered at your doorstep.

Custom print

What does it take to print something that would last for your lifetime and get noticed by all? You would need just a few minutes from you and printing services from us. With our printing services you can simply unleash your creativity and break the boundaries for printing your favorite comic character or actor or your own image and then make cards or calendars, door hangers or any other creative item.

Custom t-shirt

T-shirts are loved by almost everyone, irrespective of their age and sex. T-shirts offer great comfort and at the same time gives the wearer an opportunity to make a style statement. Now, if you get the chance to have custom t-shirts what else would you want? Just login to our site and upload your favorite image for getting the best customized t-shirt that you can wear yourself or simply gift it to your friend.

They are alluring because you may get a number of designer t-shirts online but nothing can be more attractive than something that is designed by you. You can give funky designs or make them sober with a classic image. With our custom service you get the opportunity to create according to your taste and preference.

Custom puzzles

For organizing a party, you will need to have some interesting things for the guests to do. What can be better than custom printed puzzles? You can astonish your guest with printed puzzles and then make it the most talk about thing in the party. You may even send small custom printable puzzles as invitation to your guests. If you are worried about where to get the puzzles printed, then just go ahead and order with us. You would get the finished product delivered at your doorstep, just the way you want.

Custom mousepads

Whether it's your office or your home, mouse pads are something that are not only used for decorative purpose but also are used especially when you are spending most of the time in front of your laptop or PC. With custom mouse pads you can make things more attractive for your and for your employees. With the image of your favorite person on the mouse pad, would boost your morale and you can work throughout the day.

Custom sticky magnets

Sticky magnets are both used in homes as well as offices and you can now turn them into really interesting objects. For making your office space special, you can order custom sticky magnets with your company logo. This also helps in internal branding where your employees would start to get even more attached to their company or brand. Our printing service ensures that you are able to customize and get the best sticky magnets printed for our office.

Custom pillows

For designing custom pillows that would enhance the beauty of your rooms, just upload your favorite images at out site and after few more clicks you would be able to order the best custom pillows. It's not only easy but unique way to make your home look special and different.

Personalized photo phone cases for iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XI, XI Pro, XI Pro Max

Owning an iPhone just not end the story. Along with them you need phone cases that would not only protect your iPhone but also make your style statement. For this what can be better than having a phone case for your favorite iPhone 5s that has your own image on it? Yes, just by uploading your image you can get customized phone case for any iPhone model that you own.

Personalized photo phone cases for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10

Nowadays it's impossible to find someone who does not own a mobile phone. And if they own a Samsung Galaxy S3 or S$, they would like to stand out from the crowd. For gifting someone like this can you think of any other item, other than a personalized phone case that would have your image on it. It's not only unique but also remind the person you are gifting that how special they are.