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Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman or simply Zendaya Coleman is a 19 year old American singer, actress, model and a dancer and is considered as one of the most prolific rising superstars of Hollywood today. At 19, she is literally a kid – a wonder kid, to be exact. Hence, if you are expecting the maturity of a seasoned celebrity in the Zendaya Coleman posters, you are anything but sane, and you are living in a fool’s paradise. Hence, if you are look for a face of a kid, who is at the height of innocence, and will all the excitement adolescence, who is eager to watch everything to deice for herself which is to be learned and imitated and which are to be discarded, here is one face in Zendaya, which will satisfy you. Just have a look at her posters and you will be able to read between the lines of what have just been mentioned above. In all – definitely, all of her posters, Zendaya appears to be a ever smiling, cute little kid that will enthrall your heart and soul, more so with her enticing smile that has innocent naughtiness written all over it. ‘Kiddish’ eyes, which are eager to absorb like sponge, whatever is happening all around a restlessness of adolescence and n unsuccessful pretension of being matured – that is all to say about the Zendaya Coleman posters. Not even the remotest sign of sexuality or seductiveness, and very rightly so, no sign of too much of makeup and innovativeness in the posters, no sign of backgrounds and setting that come up with any innuendoes and double meanings, no hide and seek between light and shade – everything is plain and simple and straightforward, much like the world of a kid, who is not even out of her school days. The cameramen and the makeup artistes have kept it as simple as it can be. Though there are hints of an upcoming celebrity like treatment in some of the Zendaya Coleman posters, in most of them – almost all of them, they have kept things as simple and as close to the earth as it can be!