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Zac Efron posters, 187 items

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Zac Efron posters showcase cute appealing photos of the chocolate hero, youth idol actor and singer. Zachary David Alexander Efron aka Zac Efron started his acting career in 2002 with the TV film “Firefly” and continued with “The guardian”, ER, “Summerland” etc. He got his first movie role also as early as 2003 with “Melinda’s world” and went on to play his first notable role in “High School musical” and its two sequels. He went on to do many movies (“The lucky one”, “The paperboy”, Parkland, Neighbors etc.) which got critical acclaim and added to his popularity as a youth icon. Zac Efron posters depict many images from his earlier movies and his TV serials. His singing career also started in the same period as his acting, first album being the sound tacks album of “High school musical 1” released by the same name and followed by the sound tracks of its sequels. Images from his albums and music promos are also seen in these Zac Efron posters. Zac’s posters seen here are of varying time periods and range from the retro style attire and hairstyles of the 90’s to the modern day pictures. Zac is a hot favorite among a wide variety of people, especially among women of varying ages and there is no doubt that these posters will be one of the most sought after ones.Google+