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Known as Wiz Khalifa, this American rapper and singer cum songwriter was born as Cameron Jibril Thomaz. His passion for cannabis is well known and he admits openly that he spends over $10 thousand dollars per month for supporting his habit of consuming cannabis. From early 2014, as of now he has stopped spending for cannabis and is being now sponsored by Cookie Factory who is medical marijuana dispenser. Other than his love for weeds, Wiz Khalifa is also well known for his debut album ‘Show and Prove’ in 2006. Later in 2007b he signed with the Warner Bros Records. His second album was ‘Deal or No Deal’ that was released in the year 2009. He left Warner Bros and signed to Atlantic Records a little later and got a big hit with the album ‘Black and Yellow’. It was even number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Wiz Khalifa Posters were then common and youngsters simply started following his all tattoo look. Born in Minot, North Dakota, he spends his childhood in Germany, UK, and Japan, due to his Parent’s military service. Now, presently he lives in Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh and has recently given the hit of his lifetime O.N.I.F.C which is hit for the songs ‘Remember You’ and “Work hard, Play Hard’. His marriage with amber Rose did not lasted long and he has a boy from that. Once you hear him, you can found the eclectic amount of musical influences in his tunes that range from Notorious B.I.G to Jimi Hendrix. In Arabic, his stage name means “successor’ and ‘wisdom’. Those who love his image as a ‘bad guy’ would always be keen to have Wiz Khalifa posters that would remind them of his artistic skills and his openness to what the world called bad! He has been arrested for consuming marijuana, but he claims that it’s his energy filler. Even just before the release of his mix tape, 28 grams, he was arrested for the same reason, although he was released soon. Even if you have the guts to manage such an image and lead your life your way, have Wiz Khalifa Posters and let his songs burn your soul!