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Usher Raymond posters. Usher Terry Raymond IV or Usher, as he is commonly popular as, is a 36 year old American singer, lyricist, actor and a dancer. He is a typical US celebrity, who is associated with music. If you look at the Usher Raymond posters, one thing that will come across your mind is that he has a tremendous attitude that has made him as successful as a performer - both on stage and off it.

He has a stout physique, with muscular limbs and six packs, though an innocent face and a childish smile is a sharp contrast to the rest of his appearance. A look at his posters will reveal that though he is always jovial and smiling with a lively appearance, he is quite confident of his image as a celebrity and is hell bent to maintain that in all possible ways.

He is stylish and there is no doubt about it. He poses in the most innovative ways in front of the camera - at times in bare body to show off his muscular structure and 6 packs and at times in some highly stylish dresses that make his look like a top class fashionista. The Usher Raymond posters are more than innovative, with a lot of out of the box concepts used in them. At times, they present Usher as a guy next door, who is eager to mingle with people in sorts of ways, and at times Usher is seen as a celebrity, who is more than ready some extra miles to make him look a lot different in every aspect.

To those from the opposite sex, he is damn sexy and he expresses his male eroticism in the most expressive way. Even the photographers have done a wonderful job in making the Usher Raymond posters all the more prolific. The props, the lights, the strong makeup, and the backgrounds with the aid of graphics and after effects have made his posters the most dazzling ones, which make all the difference, and make the person stand away from the rest of the crowd of celebrities in the most unique and just way!