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Full of ambitious plans, Tyra Bank parlayed her super model status into television, films, and music. Since early 1990’s she has been hitting the runway along with the top designers and then she surged into television. Later, when she was cast in the leading role in Higher Learning, a 1995 movie, she managed to upsurge her fame. Having a supporting family she has been managing her work till date and has gifted USA its America’s Top Model. She is a budding pop music singer and is still continuing her modeling.

It’s a pleasure to keep Tyra Banks posters on your walls as that would be reminding you about the passion and success someone can get if they wish to. Although her father Don Banks, a computer consultant, and mother Carolyn, a medical photographer in NASA separated from each other, she had always got the support and love from the family. Watching the CNN program by Elsa Klensch, Style, and later Cindy Crawford starred MTV featured House of Style, she set up her views for profession. Thus, if you too want her career to inspire you down the way, Tyra Banks posters would always do that for you.

During her college days, she was spotted by a model scout and was offered a show of haute couture in Paris. She has faced failure earlier as they said there were many black models already in the market! However, when Tyra Banks joined the runaway in Paris she enthralled other designers so much that she was book for another 25 shows, something that no new comer in Paris had got earlier. Then she never looked back as she was offered one after another great shows and opportunities like the one in Cover Girl. She was offered a long-term deal with them, as the second African American model that was offered so.

With ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, she started her career at Television where she was the lady interest of hip hop star Will Smith. From production house to her own show on American television Tyra Banks has creditability in every sphere. She changed the way the world look at the black women. She faced racism and always was against it.