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Travis Pastrana is a 32 year old American motorsports competitor as well as a stunt performer, who is the winner of a number of world championships. He is a true performer and a true champion, who has been at the helm of a sports that is highly risky and at times, even life threatening. And this is what he depicts in the Travis Pastrana posters, particularly in those where he is seen in photo shoot. In most of the posters, he is seen riding his motorbike, with is riding gears on, in the thick of action. He looks like the ancient gladiators, doing all kinds of acrobatics with his two wheeled machine, often leaving his life on a thread of balance. Thus, in these posters there isn’t much to talk about except for the action and all the dust and sweat that are associated with it. Coming to the ones where Travis is seen in ‘person’ without the gears, he has a childish get up that is bang opposite what he does! He smiles like a child and is seen relaxed and making fun, as if he is in the safest profession of the world. He do feel the heat of all the action, but would seldom let all the tension and the effect of competition fall on his appearance and face, and this makes the Travis Pastrana posters all the more lively and soothing. The photographers have done the right thing, in keeping the backgrounds of these pictures soothing, so that these posters take an altogether distinct new look, far from the world of all the competition and hassles of bike stunting. The backgrounds set, the props used, the melancholy of the ambiance set in these Travis Pastrana posters make them truly special and that is what attracts most – perhaps more than in those, where he is seen – in action!